16 March 2020

Vlammie Parents

As everyone is aware after the Presidential announcement, coronavirus effect has been declared a disaster.  Please take notice, the school will be closing on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 after the test period.  The following arrangements apply:

  1. Tours / Practices / Dreamville are cancelled until further notice.


  1. Test Cycle for grade 8

16 March 2020

Learners finish today


  1. Test Cycle for grade 9 to 12

17 March 2020

After the tests, learners are adjourned and the school closes

All the unwritten subjects will be written next term as soon as the school opens.

Please consult the D6 continuously for any updates as well as the test timetable.  We will keep you informed through D6 and sms messages We encourage you to strengthen personal hygiene!

School starts 14 April 2020 depending on the instructions of the Department.

Vlammie groete