06 December 2019

Dear Parents






A big thank you to everybody who has been involved with Bergvlam in 2019.  We were very blessed this year.  There were many achievements on various terrains.



Thank you to each learner and parent for going the extra mile as a ‘Vlammie’.  We are grateful to every teacher, administrative employer and general worker.  Bergvlam appreciates everybody who made a difference during 2019.



  1. Staff

We would like to say farewell to the following two educators who are leaving:

Mrs E. Smit             –         Private Sector

Mrs M. Koekemoer  –         Private Sector


Our best wishes accompany them.


Welcome to the following new educators joining us as from 01/01/2020:

Ms A. Boje              –         Afrikaans

Ms M. van Heerden –         English


We look forward to having you here at Hoërskool Bergvlam.


  1. School fees 2020

The school fees for 2020 will be R22 600.00, as approved at the parent evening of 31 October 2019.  We appreciate your attendance thereof.  I call on parents to pay school fees on a regular basis.  Thank you to everybody who did pay in 2019.  Without your contribution, Bergvlam will not be able to continue the quality teaching.



  1. D6 Communicator

All the necessary info regarding the school and activities are posted on D6.  Make sure that you are registered.







  1. Progress report

Please note the following:


Should a ‘C’ symbol appear on the report next to Mathematics, it means that the learner has not passed Maths.  He/she has been condoned to the next grade.  He/she will however not be allowed to take Maths Academic/Physical Science in the next grade. (As per Department of Education)



  1. Personal detail

Should your personal details have changed, please inform the school promptly.  It is very important to enable us to contact you for whatever reason.



  1. Classrooms

One of our ongoing challenges in 2019 was to obtain 3 new classrooms for the learners. We succeeded in achieving this huge challenge ONLY by means of you continuously paying your child’s school fees.  It has made a world of difference in the Life Orientation Department.




  1. 2020 Tours

Please plan in good time to enable your son/daughter to join these tours.  You will receive the necessary arrangements and information from the coaches involved in due course.



  1. Disciplinary system

This system has been updated for 2020 according to the latest regulations and legislation.  Familiarise yourself with said change.  They will be published in the 2020 information booklet.



  1. Soccer / Rugby field

This has been one of our biggest projects of 2019.  The grass is growing and we are confident it will be ready in 2020.






  1. Seating – school grounds

I would just like to thank each one of you who was involved with the heritage / go-cart day we had in September.  It was such a huge success that we could

purchase 25 x6 seater picnic benches as well as 10 cement benches to make more seating for our learners.



  1. Involvement of parents

I call on every parent to become whole heartedly involved with the activities your child is participating in.  Attend the activities.  You will not believe the difference it makes in your child’s life.



  1. Interhigh 2020

Bergvlam will be hosting the Interhigh 2020 on 22 February.  Work is already underway to make it a huge success.  We believe and trust that your help and support can be relied on to make it a great event.  More information will be provided in 2020.



Personally, a big thank you to everybody I have worked with in 2019.  It is a privilege to be a Vlammie!



We wish each Vlammie and his/her family a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2020.  Enjoy the holiday and stay safe.



Season Greetings