16 September 2019

Dear Parents


Thank you to everyone involved with Bergvlam during this busy 3rd term. There is great appreciation for your child’s attendance of all the school’s activities. It is true that pupils perform better when they have support.

Congratulations to all the pupils who performed exceptionally well during this term. You make a PROUD VLAMMIE.  It also includes those associated with outside school activities.

We are very proud of our learners. We also thank all the learners who work hard at achieving exceptional academic results. You will reap the fruits of your labour.  After all, this is what we are here for!

We thank all the parents who have paid their school fees to date. The classrooms we bought make a world of difference to our learners and especially to the teachers. You will notice that we are working on various projects for the improvement of the school and for the benefit of the learners. Thanks to the Governing Body for that.

Congratulations to all the learners who were elected to the SE.Good luck to our leaders.  You have been entrusted with major tasks:

Bonga Ndlovo                      –           President

Lebogang Mokoena            –           President

Braam Vermeulen               –           Vice President

Erize de Lange                     –           Vice President

The Vlammies support you all the way.

Important dates to remember:

–           School starts –           01 October 2019

–           Reports go out          04 October 2019

–           Parents evening      08 October 2019

–           Merit evening           10 October 2019

–           Matric                         11 October 2019 (Last day)

–           16 October 2019 (Exam finals begin)

–           Extra class arrangements will be communicated.

Final exams

Thank you to all our staff for their hard work during this term. It is appreciated!