19 June 2018

Dear Parents

 QUARTER  2:           CIRCULAR 1

Many thanks to all those who were involved in Bergvlam during the 2nd quarter. It was a busy quarter and the time flew.


2.    Congratulations to every sportsman / sportswoman who performed well. All the winter sports teams participated in the Mpumalanga quarter final and the semi- final. The u/16 rugby team lost by only 1 point in the final. However, they participate further in the ‘Versekerbeker’ Cup. We wish them the best of luck for the next rugby match. Congratulations to the following staff and students who received Provincial colours:

Mrs R. du Preez  – Senior ITP       –  Tennis


  1. Ukpe u/15   –  Netball
  2. Ntandang u/14 – Netball
  3. Zulu u/15 –  Netball
  4. Khoza u/17 –  Netball
  5. Shiba u/17 –  Netball
  6. Ndlovu u/16 –  Grant Khomo Puma Rugby team
  7. Botha u/16 –  Academic Puma Rugby team
  8. Sjöblom u/18 –  Academic Puma rugby team
  9. Botes – MP Dance (19th in the country)
  10. Ramushu – MP Dance
  11. Kontaxis – MP Dance
  12. Korler u/14 –  Boys hockey
  13. Sobahle – Boys hockey
  14. Nomani u/18 –  Boys hockey

Then there were our Mr / Miss. Mbombela teens, Zylke van Wyk and Shaun Hillicks – Congratulations.  We are proud of you. 


Here we also performed.  Vlammies win their challenge as well as the competition as a whole. Thank you to Mr. P. Pretorius and the mothers and learners who helped:


To all the learners who sacrificed their Sunday to take part – THANK YOU very much!! 


Vlammies had several shottists among the top 10 in the different classes:

Sporter           u/21    –           P. Visagie                  1st

J.L Pretorius             2nd

Sporter           u/16    –           R. Visagie                  6th

Sporter           u/14    –           C. Street                    5th

Springer         u/21    –           S. van der Merwe     2nd

  1. Tolmay 4th
  2. Braun                    5th

Springer         u/14    –           G. Coetzee                5th

  1. van Staden 6th

Pistol              u/21    –           D. Le Roux                1st

  1. Ngcongwane 2nd
  2. Makubela 3rd

They all have a good chance of being included in the Mpumalanga Provincial team. Good luck! 

  1. QUARTER 3

It will be a very busy term with many events:


I urge you to attend the parent evenings. It is important that you meet the teachers and talk to them about your child. It is essential that you know what is happening with your child’s academics.

The Gr.12 parents’ evening is very important to every parent. I ask you to support it. 


We kick off the 3rd quarter with our Culture Week. The programme is available on D9. Our Gala Evening will be on Friday 27 July 2018. We believe we will be treated to excellent cultural celebrations during our own ‘Vlammie Festival’.


Unfortunately, there are many overdue payments. In the end, it is in the interest of your child that it should be up to date. Quality education will be disadvantaged. If you pay with your bonus later in the year, please contact the financial office to make the necessary arrangements. 


There are more and more incidents on social media. I would like to ask you to inform your child of the dangers it poses. The consequences of unlawful display of videos / pictures / messages are the most important point to bring to their attention. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. 

  1. DRUGS

The school is now following a ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ policy against drugs. There will be strict action taken against learners who are guilty of it.

Thank you to every parent who is involved in Bergvlam High School. We are the only multicultural school in Nelspruit. Support us to continue to grow from strength to strength.

Thank you to every staff member’s input during the term. Without you, the school could not perform as we have. My sincere thanks to you.