22 February 2018


Dear Parents

 QUARTER  1:          CIRCULAR 4

Please take note of the following very important arrangements regarding the Inter High Athletics meeting, taking place on Saturday, 24 February 2018:


  1. 1.    Athletes and spirit team learners must please be seated on the bus at 04:45 in order for the busses to leave at 05:00 exactly.  The busses cannot wait for ANYBODY!
  2. 2.    Athletes and spirit team learners travelling by bus, need to pay R20,00 bus fare when getting onto the bus.
  3. 3.    Athletes and spirit team members may under NO CIRCUMSTANCES wear any other combinations of sport and school wear than what is prescribed for Saturday.
  4. 4.    The spirit teams of the different schools must be seated on the pavilion by 06:00.  All spectators need to be seated at the same time.
  5. 5.    The athlete parade and flag hoisting ceremony will take place at 06:30.
  6. 6.    The official opening of the event will be at 07:30.
  7. 7.    The prize giving ceremony will take place at 17:00 and school songs will be sang at 17:30 after which the programme ends.
  8. 8.    Busses should be back at school by 18:30. It is going to be an extremely long day for athletes and learners, please do not let your child wait for you unnecessarily.  These children, as well as educators who have to look after them until you arrive, would like to get home as soon as possible!
  9. 9.    NO learner will be allowed to get back onto the premises of Hoërskool Rob Ferreira once they have left. 
  10. 10. Please see to it that your child has enough pocket money for the day.  Let your child pack enough sun block as the sun can become a challenge.


Hoêrskool Bergvlam wishes every athlete, member of the spirit team, as well as our cheerleaders everything of the best for this prestigious event.  We know that we will burn with pride as always!

 Vlammie greetings