19 March 2021

Dear Parents

I trust that all is well with the Vlammie Family. The following information for your perusal.

Congratulations to Mr J. Krüger who has been appointed as acting principal at Lowveld High School. Our best wishes accompany him. Hoërskool Bergvlam welcomes Ms Christelize Elbrecht who will be in charge of the Civil Technology Centre.

Bosmol Area
Thank you for your patience during the period of upgrading the parking area and road at the Bosmol. The rain has interrupted our progress, but. Vleiland dirt road will also be upgraded during the April recess.


Before school
The gates will be open from 06h30. Use the Vleiland road and gate at the Bosmol. The learners must be dropped off at the Bosmol gate after which parents leave the school premises via the Lowvelder gate. Please keep left and respect the one way traffic.

After school
The procedure remains the same. Gates will be opened at 13h00. Parents may pick up learners at the Bosmol gate and leave the school premises immediately.

NB: Access for learners to the school takes place only at the SE gate drop off zone.

School fees
A heartfelt thank you and our sincere appreciation to the parents paying school fees consistently. The school relies on those funds to remain functional. Should you experience any problems in this regard, please contact the finance office to make arrangements.

Sales during the school day by learners
Please note that no perishable and non-perishable goods may be sold by learners at the school. It is illegal and will be stopped immediately.

Test cycle
In order to utilise academical time maximally, a shortened test cycle as well as tests during the afternoon after school has been scheduled. The learners will receive their reports at the beginning of the second quarter.

Prize giving
The 2020 award ceremony will take place in the second quarter. All information regarding the function will be communicated to parents / guardians and learners in time.

Sport / Culture
A big thank you to all the coaches and learners who have been practising diligently. We are waiting for confirmation from the Department of Education after which you will be provided with match dates.

Governing Body Elections are taking place on 24 March 2021.
The election takes place in the school hall from 06h30 until 18h00.

Special arrangements:
 Entrance via the main gate.
 Register in the foyer of the hall.
 Parking inside on the school premises.
 Voting takes place in the hall.
 Exit via the circle route and Lowvelder gate.
 The information of nominated candidates will be available on social media and in the foyer.
 The new Governing Body will be announced directly after the polls have closed on the school’s social platforms.
 Covid regulations to be adhered to at all times.
NB – The learners whose parents vote on 24 March 2021 will receive 30 merits.

I trust that every parent involved with the school will vote. The Governing Body represents you, as a parent. The management of a school relies on an active and functional Governing Body.

Thanking you for your co-operation and support.

Vlammie regards