26 August 2017

Dear Parents

 QUARTER 3:           CIRCULAR 4

Please take note of the following important matters:


  • Please take note that all Grade 12 learners have formal lessons until Tuesday, 29 August 2017. Educators are completing syllabi, therefore learners cannot stay at home for no reason.
  • There will be a study class at school during the trial examination. Should you want your child to rather study at school, please contact their grade tutor, Mrs Laura Oosthuyzen, without fail.
  • Learners will study at school under supervision, and will be able to ask for assistance from their subject educators should it be necessary.
  • Please ensure that there will be an academic atmosphere at home. This examination will determine your child’s final send up mark, and is therefore as important as the final examination.


  • The Grade 8 to Grade 11 learners will enjoy the traditional Fun.Spring day at school on Friday, 01 September. Each grade will take part in specific teams in each activity.
  • During the course of the week, learners will have to pay R30,00 to their registration teachers. This amount will cover all costs involved.at all the activities they take part in, it also includes a packet of paint for the Colour Fun.  Should learners want to buy extra paint, it will cost them R15,00 per packet.
  • Learners must please wear old clothes, as they will become very dirty. Please see to it that your child does not wear brand new, expensive clothes.
  • Learners will also clean up the area around the school: R40, Geelhout Avenue, Kremetart Street and Koorsboom Street. Educators will supervise this cleaning up action from beginning to end.
  • Learners will have completed all activities by 13:00.
  • The test series (mini exam) for this quarter already starts on Monday, 04 September.
  • Your child has already received a timetable as well as all demarcations. The timetable and demarcations are also available on D6 Communicator.
  • Please ensure that your child prepares properly for this test series. These marks will determine your child’s year mark.
  • Please take note that learners will only write their tests during the first hour of each day. Thereafter it will be a normal school day as the normal academic programme will have to continue.
  • Please do not come and sign your child out in order to study for the next day’s test!


  • During the previous quarter a well looked after and castrated cat decided the school is his home and moved in.
  • The administrative staff looks after the cat currently, and sees to it that he gets food and water. Weekends and holidays are unfortunately a challenge.
  • ProLife was contacted in order to find a new home for the cat, however they are not prepared to fetch the cat from school.
  • Should the cat be taken to the SPCA, he might just be put down.
  • Should there be a Bergvlam family who would like to take care of ‘Boots’, it will be highly appreciated. Please contact the school should you and your family feel serious about taking care of this special cat.
  • Hoȅrskool Bergvlam apologises to our parents for phoning the school without getting through.
  • The Telkom cable was damaged, the reason for your discomfort and frustration, but causes endless frustration regarding the reparation process.
  • You can also phone the following number, should you not be able to get through to the school: 013 741 1026

Bergvlam greetings



/ Nuusbriewe

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