28 July 2017

Dear Parents


 We do hope that you and your family had a good rest, as we have a hectic quarter awaiting us!

Please take note of the following important matters:


The following educators have been appointed in the vacant posts and are already part of the Bergvlam family:

  • Mrs. Loise Helberg has been appointed in Mrs Leani Cronje’s post in the Afrikaans Department.
  • Mrs. Shanie Briel has been appointed in Mr JP Erasmus’s post in the Natural Sciences Department.
  • Mrs. Angelique Killian has been appointed in Mrs Melaine Pienaar’s post in the Life Orientation Department.

2.1         Grade 8 and 9 Mathematics

  • The school shares the concerns of parents regarding their children’s Mathematics marks.
  • From next week onwards extra lessons will be presented to poor performers from 13:45 to 14:30 from Monday to Thursday.  You will be informed via sms when your child will have to report for the extra lessons.
  • Learners who are involved in sport practices in the afternoons, will first attend the Mathematics lessons before starting with practices.  Acacemic activities receive preference.
  • The HOD for Mathematics, Mrs. Joan van Tonder, will provide the material for the extra lessons.  Focus will be on Level 1 and Level 2 sums in order for learners to master the basic concepts.
  • Attendance of these classes by identified learners is non-negotiable.

2.2         Grade 10 Mathematics

  • The syllabus for Grade 10 Mathematics is challenging to say the least.  Mrs. Wolmarans and Mr. Taljaard can under no circumstance rush through the work, therefore we have decided on extra time in order to master the work.
  • It is compulsary for Grade 10 learners, taking Mathematics as a subject, to attend the extra lessons.  Please take note that this is extra teaching time and not extra lessons for poor performers.  Please make arrangements accordingly.
  • The following dates have been scheduled:  Thursday 03 August and Friday 04 August, as well as Thursday 17 August and Friday 18 August.  Specific times will be communicated to learners.
  • The Proactive Education Group realised the concern of parents and learners regarding their lack of performance so far this year.
  • On Thursday 17 August they will present 2 sessions at the school in order for learners to still make an academic success of the last 3 months of the academic year.
  • Session 1:  Learners (1 hour during the school day)
    • Time management
    • Creating a study plan and timetable
    • Allocating enough study time to each subject
    • The dangers of Social Media and Exams
    • The importance of associations and critical thinking while studying
    • Memory
    • Smart nutrition for teens
    • Developing positive sleep habits
    • How to manage academic stress and anxiety
    • Session 2:  Parents (1 hour from 17:30 to 18:30)
      • Assist your child in organisation, planning and time management
      • Extra mural activities
      • Social Media
      • Creating a study plan and enforcing an effective timetable
      • Creating the right study environment
      • Television, music, study groups?
      • How much study time is enough?
      • Monitoring progress
      • Setting boundaries and enforcing the basic rules
      • The importance of sleep
      • Smart exam nutrition
      • Exercise
      • Creating a reward system
      • The school will pay for both sessions, it will therefore cost you nothing.  Please come and attend the session for parents in order for your to give your child the correct support and to share eventually in his / her success!
  • Final progress reports will be e-mailed to you on Friday,               04 August.  Please request a printed copy of the report in writing by Thursday, 03 August, should you not want to receive the report via e-mail.  Learners will be able to collect the printed copy at Reception at the end of the school day on the Friday.
  • Please attend the the parents evening on Monday, 07 August from 17:00 to 19:00.  You will have the opportunity to sit down with your child’s educators in order to discuss challenging  situations and to find mutual solutions.
  • Your child’s subject choice for 2018 is of the utmost importance.  It is absolutely necessary to make the correct subject choice, which will be to the benefit of your child, right from the beginning.
  • Please attend the information evening on Thursday, 10 August at 18:00.  You will be informed of all the possible options and prerequisites.
  • You will also receive your child’s aptitude results, as well as a list of all the possible subject package options.  The school indicates the subject package we feel will benefit your child most on the form.  You and your child can study and discuss all the possible options at home before making your decision by indicating it on the form.
  • Should there be a major difference between your choice and the school’s, we will make an appointment with you in order to discuss the matter before making a final decision.
  • The Grade 12 Trial Examination starts on Wednesday, 30 August.
  • The Education Department accidentally indicated 25 September as an examination date, not taking into account that it is a Public Holiday.  Life Sciences was scheduled for that day, this date will have to be re-scheduled.
  • As soon as the school receives the new timetable, it will be made available to our learners immediately.
  • Your Grade 12 child HAS TO START PREPARING for this extremely important examination WITHOUT FAIL.  This examination determines the final send up mark!
  • You will receive the programme for this Quarter by Monday, 31 July.  There are some dates we can only finalise on Monday.
  1.    PHOTO DAY
  • The school’s official photo day is scheduled for Tuesday, 08 August
  • Please see to it that your child’s appearance is impeccable on this day.
  • Thank you once again to those dedicated parents who pay the school fees faithfully. Parents are not always aware of the astronomic amount of money the school has to spend on maintenance, apart from all the rest.  At this stage water leakages are a major challenge as the water pipes are 42 years old and are bursting one after the other!
  • Should you experience financial difficulties at the moment, contact the finace office without fail in order to make arrangements.
  • Please settle all outstanding consumer and workbook fees as soon as possible.

Bergvlam greetings!

Annemarié Kleynhans


/ Nuusbriewe

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